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Guangdong Liancheng is  a professional supplier of composite materials with a long history and rich experience, specializing in technical consultation and composite materials at home and abroad. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer you everything you need for high-quality composites materials:

Polyester resin, laminate resin, epoxy resin, cast resin, vinyl ester resin, adhesive resin, top paint, gelcoat, curing agent, accelerator, glass fiber, glass fiber felt, filler, color paste, release agent and so on. Of course, we also provide many tools and auxiliary products to optimize the processing of composite materials.

Whether it is boats, yachts, surfboards, swimming pools, bathrooms, cars, wind turbines, electrical works, new buildings and alterations to houses, gardens or garages, furniture, lamps, jewelry, art, sculpture, aquariums, can be made from polyester resin or epoxy resin, the range of applications for composite materials is endless.